ACE GOLF Elite Junior Program

13-Year TPI-Based Curriculum (Age 5-18+) following the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model

     * For more details on each program level, click on links below to view the PDF flyers.​ 


Level 1 - Play to Learn - This FUNdamental program is designed to introduce the youngest of golfer to the wonderful game. This program is focused on structured play-based learning to provide each child the most enjoyment in their learning experience and allow for developmentally appropriate introduction of core concepts to the game of golf. Instruction will involve development of well-rounded necessary physical and athletic capabilities as well as golf-specific skill acquisition. Special child-friendly equipment is used and provides for a safe, child-friendly learning environment. Each week revolves around a theme to incorporate objectives and concepts into an engaging learning environment and includes discussion on and reinforcement of past week's concepts. Skill acquisition progress reports are provided. * Play to Learn meets 1 time a week on Saturdays for group sessions (6:1 Ratio Max)

$200 Per Month Saturdays at 9a

Level 2 - Learn to Play - This program begins to introduce more advanced concepts of the game, as well as course setup, rules and etiquette, with the aim that these young golfers join their families on the course. Our programming continues to emphasize the development of each young golfer from a holistic approach, including character building and fundamentals of other sports to improve and empower their golf mechanics and overall athleticism. Each week will focus on learning and practicing a golf-specific skill. The use of structured group games, designed with these skills in mind enhance the learning environment, social development and ability to perform under pressure for these aspiring young golfers. * Learn to Play meets 1 time a week on Saturdays for one hour (6:1 Ratio Max)

$250 Per Month Saturdays at 10a

Level 3 - Train to Play - The third development stage in our program is designed for juniors to enhance their whole game development. Physical and golf skill testing is completed in the first class of each session to provide our team with a baseline and ability to formulate a more personalized program plan for each group. This program focuses on refining more complex golf-specific and athletic abilities, emphasizing consistency and challenging the young golfers. A physical fitness component is added to this group to increase their mobility, stability, power generation and overall athletic performance. Technical lessons, on-course lessons, supervised practice sessions are all included to optimize each child’s learning experience and fix individual issues. Skill based tests are used to help track progress, prescribe specific plans of attack, benchmark and archive each individual players success. * Train to Play meets 1 time a week and can include additonal supervised practice lessons and skill building for the course.
$275 Per Month Sundays at 4p

ACE Golf Junior Academy Program - This level of programming is designed for athletes who are ready to take their game to the next level and focuses on striving towards on-course success or tournament-level golf. Physical and golf skill testing is completed in the first class of each session to provide a baseline for tracking progress and give us the ability to formulate a more personalized program plan for each athlete. This program focuses on practicing refined golf skills and revolves around competitive play to increase player’s proficiency in high pressure situations. Physical fitness sessions are more intensive and individualized for enhancing functional performance. Technical lessons, on-course lessons, club fitting and supervised practice sessions are all included to optimize each player’s learning experience and fix any individual issues. MYTPI.com, MYTRACKMAN.com and SHOTBYSHOT.com are used to help track progress, prescribe specific plans of attack, benchmark and archive each individual player's date.

  • My TpI.com - Program Built Custom to Player
  • Shotbyshot.com - On Course Stat Tracking Program 
  • Mytrackman.com - Lessons and Swing Locker 
  • Weekend League Play and Practice (9 and 18 holes)
  • One on One lesson a week - Indoor / Golf Course / Online 
  • ​Weekly Group Clinics 
  • Text, Zoom or Send Swings Anytime

​Monthly Memberships -  1 Time Per Week      $325

                                        -  2 Times Per Week    $425 

                             Unlimited Times Per Week    $525 




​​​​New Student Assessment

Complete Game Assessment

Your route to better golf starts with a New Student Complete Game Assessment.

We will take you through a fun 2 hour long process that will highlight your strengths and show where the weak points of your game are located, allowing us to devise a game plan that is tailored specifically to you and your goals.

What to expect when you arrive

Upon arriving at ACE Golf you will be greeted by one of our Teaching Staff either by phone or email to better develop a relationship first.

At this point the Lead Instructor will have had a chance to assess and screen your golf game in conversation. This is the get to know you and your goals phase with questions such as: What goals do you have for your golf game? What do you perceive as your games strengths and weaknesses? How much practice time are you committed to doing each week? The first meeting at the ACE Golf Performance Center our staff will have a better understanding of your game and begin to assess your set of golf clubs.

What to expect during the assessment

After some time to warm up time we will have you do full swing shots with your pitching wedge, 7 iron and driver on both the Trackman4 Launch Monitor that will also be filming each swing with high speed cameras as well as Boditrak Pressure plates so we can get your trace (Where your weight is on the ground throughout the swing) so we have a baseline for your current swing.

Next up is the TPI Screen to see the exact dynamics of your body swing connection and its current effectiveness. This is a overall fitness evaluation in direct correlation to your game and the way you move. This gives our team the tools to better understand you the player and makes for more accurate plan of attack in relation to physical problem or a swing related problem.

After Completing the TPI assessment is the ACE Golf Putting Lab to see the exact dynamics of your putting stroke and its current effectiveness. Using the Hole More Putts Tablet we measures the 5 Impact Factors defined by the PGA and records data for each putt.

Now that you and your lead instructor will have all the data you need to fully assess the current state of your game we will go over your result and offer recommendation on what would be the most effective game plan for you to reach your golfing goals.

All of this professional analysis is only a mere $80 and that amount can be credited toward the purchase of your first lesson or membership effectively making the assessment free.

·         Video of swing down the line and front on with corresponding Trackman4 numbers, and Boditrak data.

·         TPI Screen Results

·         Putting Stroke Results with Hole More Putts Tablet

·         Finish with Lead instructor going over data with student and trying to convert to Member.

Armed with your assessment and our expert instruction you will be achieving your goals and playing the best golf of your life in no time.

ACE GOLF Performance Center Membership (ADULT )

What is a lesson membership and why has it been so successful?

For SW Portland Locals, our world class membership program is designed specifically with you the player in mind. It combines full 1 hour private lessons, with as many as three supervised practice sessions per week, meaning no back tracking just constant and steady improvement for an unbelievably low price. All of the following programs are a minimum commitment of 3 months. After 3 months, Month to Month.

All memberships include Private Instruction, MYTPI.com account, MyTrackman.com account, ShotByShot.com account, Specific Rehabilitation Plan, Mental Approach Plan, plus 3 Tech Enhanced Supervised Practice Sessions per week, weekly Skills Clinic, Member Golf Outings, Member Exclusive Offers and even Special Unlimited 24/7 Practice in our ACE Golf Performance Center in off hours of programing.

ACE Golf Program

·         1 hour of Private Instruction

·         TPI Level 1 & Level 2 Power 

·         Online Lesson Booking - Prime Time Blocked for Members  

1 Time Per Week  -   $325 

2 Times Per Week -  $425
Unlimited Booking - $525 

Golf Lesson Package Price

Series of 40 lessons                       $2,850    (save $1800)

Series of 16 + 8 Free Lessons      $1,595   (save $805)

Series of 11 + 5 Free Lessons      $1,095   (save $505)

Series of 8 + 3 Free Lessons         $795       (save $305)

Series of 6 + 2 Free Lessons         $595       (save $205)

Series of 4 (50% off 4th Lesson) $350       (save $50)

Single Lesson     $100

Junior Golf Lesson Package Price

Series of 16 + 8 Free Lessons           $1,120 (save $560)

Series of 11 + 5 Free Lessons           $770 (save $350)

Series of 8 + 3 Free Lessons             $560 (save $210)

Series of 6 + 2 Free Lessons            $420 (save $140)

Series of 4 (50% off 4th Lesson)     $245 (save $35)

Single Lesson                                      $70